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GOOD NEWS! You no longer need a Kindle to read Kindle books. Instead, you can download the FREE APP, available on all John Howard Reid's Kindle pages! MORE GOOD NEWS: All REID books are now available at all Amazon stores worldwide and the SAME FREE DAYS WILL APPLY AT YOUR AMAZON STORE from midnight to midnight in YOUR area! For U.S.A. readers, the link to HISTORY IN MOVIES HOLLYWOOD STYLE above or the "Nibbles of Nonsense" or WRITE WAYS TO WIN WRITING CONTESTS scripts below -will still take you straight to Amazon - where you can enter a desired book's title!

John Howard Reid writes both serious verse and humorous poetry. Here's the Amazon link to his e-book: NIBBLES OF NONSENSE

This book will be given away FREE OF CHARGE at all Amazon stores on May 21..

Another anthology from JHR is "Poetry for Lazy Summer Afternoons". This book will be FREE on May 21, 2016. Can't wait? Normal price is 99 cents.

Another recommended book is "7 Solid Roads to Writing Success". Periodically, Amazon also holds FREE Days in which "7 Solid Roads to Writing Success" can be obtained ENTIRELY FREE OF CHARGE. Upcoming FREE DAYS are June 4 and 18, plus July 9. Can't wait? Normal price is 99 cents. 

Another essential writing guide is "How NOT To Write Short Stories: Seven Errors To Avoid". The next FREE GIVEAWAY DAYS for this book at Amazon will be June 18. The normal price is 99 cents. 

And let's not forget "Poetry Pitfalls or What Makes Bad Verse Worse", another essential 99 cents guide which will also be available FREE on June 4.  

Another useful little e-booklet, "Correct Writing Formats for Contests and Publishers", will also be available free of charge on MAY 26, PLUS JUNE 4.  

"How Writers Win Favor with Judges and Editors" will be FREE at Amazon Kindle on May 21 plus June 11! Normal price is 99 cents.

Amazon links are being upgraded and most of them are not currently available, so please go to Amazon and search for the title. In the USA, you can use the quick link to Amazon for WRITE WAYS TO WIN WRITING CONTESTS below. All six books, namely "Nibbles of Nonsense Hilarious Comic Verse", "7 Roads to Writing Success", "Poetry Pitfalls", "How NOT To Write Short Stories", "Correct Writing Formats for Contests and Publishers" and "How Writers Win Favor with Judges and Editors" are also available FREE on the days listed in the U.K., Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, India, China, Japan, Australia, Mexico and Spain, but you will need to do a search for them at your country's Amazon Kindle stores.  

Visit for a complete list of all JHR's FREE E-BOOKS.

"AMAZING ADVENTURES OF TOBY", will be available at Amazon Kindle FREE OF CHARGE on May 28 and 29, 2016. JHR didn't write this one, but he did translate it from the Greek. In my opinion, TOBY is the world's best short story ever. Even if you don't like detective stories, this one will make you laugh, and it will make you cry. It will bring joy to your heart. It is indeed a really great short story which brilliantly combines a murder mystery with romance, travel, love and healing. Here it is, as said above, newly translated from the Greek.

A New, Expanded Edition of JHR's highly acclaimed handbook "WRITE WAYS TO WIN WRITING CONTESTS: How to Join the Winners' Circle for Prose and Poetry Awards" is now available from Amazon. With right-up-to-date information, 20 extra pages, including an extra chapter on "Maximizing Poetry Entries", this book is a must-have item. And the really good news is that, despite all the additional information, the publisher has reduced the price of the paperback to only $12.50. And the Kindle edition sells for only $2.99! Here's the Kindle link: Write Ways to WIN WRITING CONTESTS

Here is another tip for a winning entry from WRITE WAYS TO WIN WRITING CONTESTS: "A catchy but appropriate title. Remember that first impressions count for just about everything in writing contests and your title is the first thing the judge sees. In large contests, the chief judge will select the entries he or she wants to read simply by their titles if entries are submitted online. If paper copies are presented, he or she will be persuaded by your opening paragraphs. If the chief judge likes your work, he or she will go to bat for it with the other judges. In writing contests, the chief judge's opinions usually prevail. In many contests, chief judges are encouraged to nominate their own assistants!"

So how do you find a striking and effective title? John Howard Reid's HOLLYWOOD CLASSICS TITLE INDEX TO ALL MOVIES provides the answer. This book not only lists over 3,000 movie titles, but can be used to discover how successful or unsuccessful they are. The more times a word has been used in a movie title, the more potent it is in inducing sales! I once wrote a novel titled "Prophet, Priest and King". The book got marvelous reviews but sold only around 600 copies. That would be bad enough if the publisher had printed only a thousand, but he had in fact printed over three thousand! On the other hand, "In All His Glory" received either so-so or totally negative reviews, but sold its 3,000 hard cover copies in two weeks. Ditto for each of four more hardcover printings. In total, over 16,000 hard cover copies were sold. That's not much, I know, but it did lead to a paperback sale. In fact, paperback rights were purchased for $25,000. (The rights have now reverted to me and both books are now available at Amazon Kindle, so you can check them out for yourself). So why did one sell, and the other not? "Hollywood Classics Title Index..." provides the answer. "Prophet" is a negative word. Not a single one of over 3,000 movie titles employs that word. Surprisingly, "In", on the other hand, is a very attractive, positive word. No less than fifteen classic movie titles begin with the preposition, "In". "All" is also a most attractive word. "Hollywood Classics Title Index..." lists nine classic movie titles that begin with this word, and no less than three of these movies, printed in bold type in the book, were colossal box-office successes -- DESPITE NEGATIVE OR LUKEWARM REVIEWS! 

So check out your title and put yourself on the winning track! The e-book will set you back only 99 cents. You can buy from Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Apple, etc. This book is also available in the U.K., Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, India, Japan, Australia, Mexico and Spain, but you will need to do a search for it at your country's Amazon Kindle store.  

P.S. If you love poetry, check out John Howard Reid's anthology, "Anyone for Love". That one has no free days, but JHR's latest little books of poetry are: ALL ADRIFT IN CHARISMATIC PORTS OF CALL will be free on May 28 and 29. Other new JHR POETRY titles are ALWAYS KEEP SMILING: HUMOROUS POETRY (free of charge on May 28 and 29) and ACTORS TAKE ALL! HUMOROUS POEMS (free on May 21, plus July 2 and 3, plus July 30), plus AS SOON AS I CAN FIND MY GLASSES (free on July 9) and A DREAM OF HEAVEN AND OTHER POEMS (free on July 9). If you are a keen writing contest entrant, you're sure to find Reid's critically acclaimed guide, "Write Ways To Win Writing Contests", very helpful.